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San Jose Small-Business Tax Lawyer

California Tax Liabilities Lawyer

Business owners naturally focus on the practical challenges of business operations and making their enterprises profitable. They generally pay little attention to tax issues until it is time to file their tax returns. As a result, they can make costly mistakes that can lead to trouble with the IRS and the California Employment Development Department (EDD), State Board of Equalization and Franchise Tax Board.

At John D. Teter Law Offices, we provide a comprehensive range of advice and services designed to help small-business owners comply with the tax codes and avoid problems that could lead to an audit or tax lien. With more than 30 years' experience in business taxation issues, John D. Teter has the knowledge to help his clients avoid tax mistakes and the costs and disruptions that can result from noncompliance with the tax codes.

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Tax Pitfalls Facing the Small-Business Owner

John D. Teter Law Offices can help you avoid common tax pitfalls. These include:

Misclassification of employees — The independent contractor who works for you may actually be a full-time employee in the eyes of the IRS and California Employment Development Department, making you liable for withholding taxes and significant penalties. You could even become the target of a wage and hour lawsuit. John D. Teter can advise you regarding all employment tax issues.

Choosing the wrong business entity — If you form a corporation, you may be treated as an employee of that corporation and any benefit you receive from the corporation may be treated as salary. This may leave a significant liability for unpaid payroll tax, penalties and interest. John D. Teter can advise you in business formation matters, helping you make the right decisions.

Timing tax transactions — How you recognize sales revenue and expenses can have a significant effect on your tax liabilities and net profitability. John D. Teter can advise you directly or work with your accountant so you can take full advantage of deductions and other provisions while complying with tax codes.

Tax audits — If you are the target of a tax audit, we can represent you in all dealings with any of the "four horsemen": the IRS, California BOE, EDD or FTB.

These are just a few of the many tax issues that can make a business owner's life difficult. John D. Teter Law Offices can provide you with comprehensive advice and services designed to help you comply with the tax codes and enhance your profitability.

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