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Serving Clients in Santa Clara County, San Francisco, and Across the San Francisco Bay Area

Because you may be facing taxation and legal challenges in San Jose, you need a local tax law attorney who will provide personal service and skilled legal representation. With proper advice and guidance, many potential tax problems can be minimized or avoided. Failure to take action risks substantial tax penalties and interest, compounding the tax debt and state and federal enforced collections. Some tax liabilities to the State of California have no statute of limitations.

We Help Solve Tax Problems with the IRS, FTB, BOE, and EDD

John D. Teter Law Offices, located in San Jose, has over 30 years of experience solving tax problems for individuals, business owners, and financial officers throughout California, across the United States, and internationally. Our firm has extensive experience working with a number of tax agencies, including:

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - Income tax and payroll, foreign financial accounts
  • California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) - Income tax
  • California State Board of Equalization (BOE) - Sales and use tax, FTB Appeals
  • California State Employment Development Department (EDD) - Payroll tax and employee classification

We can help provide solutions to tax conflicts concerning failures to file, failures to pay, state and federal tax liens, wage garnishments, wage withholding orders, property seizures, levies, and governmental actions against individuals and companies with unpaid income taxes, payroll taxes, and sales taxes. Clients can have the stress of tax problems disappear when they contact our Bay Area office. Attorney John D. Teter understands that both people and the government are fallible - mistakes are made. He will try to relieve some of your anxiety by dealing with the tax authorities on your behalf.

Options for Dealing with Past Due Taxes

You have many options for dealing with past due taxes. To be in complete tax compliance, you have to file tax returns and pay your taxes on time. However, when a person has been unable to do this, there are still many alternatives:

  • Qualify as "currently not collectible"
  • Pay all or part over time through an installment agreement
  • Pay the past due taxes from sources not considered
  • Resolve through an "offer in compromise"
  • Remove dischargeable tax debts in a bankruptcy

Offers in Compromise - An offer in compromise is the settlement of a tax debt for less than the full amount owed. It consists of payment equivalent to what the IRS or state agency would receive if it liquidated your assets and garnished your nonexempt wages for as little as one year. The IRS now offers a streamlined plan for more efficiently processing offers at a lower cost to taxpayers in need. Attorney John D. Teter personally handles each tax case on an individual basis. He tailors offers in compromise to suit the client's unique financial and tax situation. When an offer in compromise is involved, Mr. Teter will carefully monitor and assist the taxpayer through full processing of the offer including examination and acceptance of the offer. Using his knowledge and experience, Mr. Teter can advise clients if an offer in compromise is appropriate or feasible in their situation, or if other options should be explored. The result of our thorough preparation and hard work is a high success rate of acceptance of the offers in compromise prepared by our firm.

IRS Tax Audits - In a tax audit, you must provide evidence to show that the information reported on your tax return is correct and that claimed tax benefits are applicable. If the auditor disallows your deductions or determines there is more tax due, the deficiency can be challenged in the IRS Appeals Division to see whether claims can be reconciled and resolution achieved. Our law firm has extensive experience in resolving tax matters with the IRS Appeals Division. If an appeal proves unsuccessful, the last step available without payment of the tax is a petition to the United States Tax Court; John D. Teter has been admitted to practice before that court since 1988.

Other California Tax Issues

In addition to audits, offers in compromise, and other tax issues, we also represent clients in matters pertaining to foreign investment reporting of offshore bank accounts and foreign assets and other international monetary investments and interests. John D. Teter Law Offices will clearly explain your rights and your legal options. We will handle your tax problem with discretion and compassion as we work toward a viable resolution. Consult with our lawyer for confidential help with your tax problems, including:

Short Sales, Foreclosures, and Cancellation of Debt - Our firm provides consultations and advice concerning cancellation of debt (COD) income from short sales and foreclosures as well as alternatives such as loan modification, refinance, deed in lieu, or bankruptcy.

Proposition 13 and Reassessment - The valuable protection provided by Proposition 13 can be lost by poorly planned transfers of real property. Our firm can help clients recognize Proposition 13 issues and avoid loss of benefits in sales, funding trusts, and other transactions. Good advice can help protect against the avoidable loss incurred by reassessment if Proposition 13 protection is lost.

Innocent Spouse and Marital Tax Debt - Tax debts created by a spouse may be discharged or allocated through innocent spouse relief or equitable sharing. A proper marital agreement may also control spousal tax debt.

Contact John D. Teter Law Offices at 408-866-1810 for a consultation about addressing your tax issues. We provide legal services for clients in San Jose, San Francisco, Fremont, Silicon Valley, and across the Bay Area.

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