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"I sought John D. Teter's advice twice during a tedious and incredibly stressful situation to do with an international inheritance/Form 3520. Each time, it was easy to book a consultation (once in person, once on the phone during Covid). John helped me understand the situation and what to expect at each step. He advised me on how to phrase my correspondence with the IRS. It was great to have him in my corner during the time it took to resolve the issue. And ultimately it was resolved! I'm convinced this was in no small part due to John's advice and encouragement." (2022)

"I engaged John Teter's legal services to look into an unwarranted new assessment made on my Santa Clara County residence. He worked directly with the County Assessor's office to provide the necessary documentation and discussion to have them correct their error which had significant additional tax liability consequences. Based on my experience, John is an excellent communicator with deep expertise in property tax matters providing prompt and attentive service to his clients." (2021)

"Thank you for your great counsel and piloting us through these turbulent waters I had stirred up years ago! There isn’t enough thanks in the universe to say how much I appreciate your support." (2020)

"It continues to be a pleasure working with the Teter Law Offices. As a longtime client of nearly 25 years, including formation of four LLCs and three S-Corporations, three stock sales/repurchases, countless real estate transactions, and a trust creation...all were easily and successfully navigated under the watchful eye of John Teter. I have and will continue to rely on his thoughtful guidance and expertise as my business interests grow." (2020)

"Thank you very much for your great helpful support throughout the past 10 years and for being my representative before all of the federal and state tax authorities. I greatly appreciate your hard work to find solutions for these terrible and difficult situations." (2020)

"Thank you again for such a pleasant, low stress (IRS audit) experience. " (2019)

"John Teter did an excellent job for us. He handled all interfacing with the IRS and worked out a deal that we could live with without undue financial stress. Just as importantly, he kept us appraised (and calm!) while all this was going on. I rarely write reviews, but I think that if you are trying to decide what to do in your tax situation you have to call John--it will be well worth it!" (2017)

"Just hearing the word 'Audit' is stressful. I felt very nervous and overwhelmed. A friend referred our company to John Teter’s Law Office. John was incredibly professional. He went above and beyond to ensure that the audit was done fairly. And we could not be happier with the result. Would I recommend John Teter to others?... Absolutely!" (2017)

"Although the Government had confirmed that the demand for hundreds of thousands of dollars was unavoidable, through your willingness to persevere, and reasonable dispute, the Federal Government has now conceded. Thank you for your tireless determination, in-depth knowledge of the space and willingness to make things happen." (2017)

"John and Cici: I want to thank you for your expert guidance and support in handling my EDD audit and the subsequent VCSP reclassification of workers. Having you on my side set my mind at ease and allowed me to focus on navigating my business through the rough waters. I was so impressed with how you handled the EDD and the IRS documentation and the way you were able to anticipate the timing and what I needed to do to bring us to a smooth conclusion. Moreover, your patience, willingness and ability to explain to me what I needed to do (in plain English) is greatly appreciated. My experience working with you has been delightful and I highly recommend you as the preferred attorney to any one that has a legal problem, especially with the EDD and IRS. I look forward to working with you again the next time I have a legal problem." (2016)

"John solved my tax issues. He is extremely knowledgeable and saved us from a mistake that the IRS made." (2014)

"I needed legal help with a tax situation I found myself in a few years ago. I came to John and he explained everything to me in plain English and explained what needed to be done. I was initially overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do, but he walked me through the entire process and communicated with the IRS on my behalf. Extremely thorough and organized. If you have questions regarding OVDI or FBAR, he's your man!" (2014)

"John (and Cici) make a great team together! I consulted their law offices for matters related to foreign taxation and had an amazing experience over the 12 months or so I interacted with them. Considerate, knowledgeable, communicative and mindful of not racking up any extra costs while still providing solid execution and expert guidance on how/when and why to file. John (and Cici) genuinely care about their clients and they will definitely be on the top of my list when it comes to any legal matters pertaining to taxation." (2013)

"Hands down amazing amazing amazing. You might feel that this office is old-school and he looks a bit like a wiry Dumbledore out of Harry Potter but you know what ... old-school is the way to go with crazy stuff like tax law and IRS chasing after your tail. You want to get it right and you want to know your stuff and John Teter is just the guy for the job. He's been practicing tax law exclusively for over 20 years. He works very well with Edward Chiang, CPA, who's one of the best I've worked with. He's straight up and he will absolutely consider what's best for his clients. He saved my family tons of money (enough to send a kid to college for a year) and protected our files and assets. He fought our financial institute that messed up our forms. We just consider him a godsend. He's also a family man. He and his wife work together at the office so they're both very receptive to the importance of protecting your family assets." (2009)

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