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When Do I Need a Tax Attorney?

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Our San Francisco Bay Area Tax Lawyer is Here to Help

If you are struggling with your taxes, you may be wondering "When do I need a tax attorney?" You may have filed taxes many times before and you may feel fairly confident with the process. If you had someone prepare your taxes, you may feel assured with their knowledge about California and federal tax filing requirements. But if you are facing an audit or any kind of complex tax issue at the local, state, or federal level, San Jose tax attorney John D. Teter may be exactly who you need representing and guiding you. For a consultation with a tax attorney in San Jose who has decades of experience with complex tax issues faced by individuals and businesses, call 408-866-1810.

Many people try to resolve a tax problem on their own or with the help of their tax preparer. They think that if they explain their reasoning to the Internal Revenue Service in good faith, the IRS will accept the validity of their position. This is very often a mistake and a qualified San Jose tax attorney can make all the difference in your case.

Do not be lulled into thinking that the IRS will accept your explanations. The IRS and state tax authorities aggressively cross-examine taxpayers at every opportunity. Even when an IRS representative seems helpful and concerned, he or she is seeking information that could be used against you. This is their job. You need someone on your side whose job it is to protect your rights and your best interests. If you have received any tax audit or collection notices, you need professional representation — by an experienced San Jose tax attorney. Tax preparers, friends, family members and other people may have good intentions when they offer advice but sometimes you need someone with extensive tax knowledge and legal experience.

Tax Attorneys are Not All the Same

At John D. Teter Law Offices in San Jose, we provide assertive representation to clients in all types of tax matters, ranging from routine tax audits and collection actions to complex international tax cases. Attorney John D. Teter has more than 30 years of experience representing clients and has a thorough knowledge of the tax statutes and the procedures of the IRS and California tax authorities. In your case, Mr. Teter will work diligently to achieve the best resolution possible.

Additionally, San Jose tax attorney John D. Teter offers personalized and attentive representation to each client. He has the skill, experience and resources you want on your side. He also has a commitment to personal attention for each of his clients. Contact John D. Teter Law Offices for a consultation.

Do I Need a Tax Attorney?

Consider the following when deciding if you need a tax attorney:

  • Attorney-client privilege — Any conversations or communications between you and an attorney are strictly confidential. There is no confidentiality between you and your tax return preparer or accountant. There are also ways you can lose confidentiality by sharing and/or disclosing confidential information to others.
  • The IRS knows what it is doing — IRS tax representatives and auditors are specially trained in techniques to elicit damaging information from taxpayers. Even a casual statement from you can reveal information that can harm your case, and an innocent response to an IRS inquiry may be used against you in a manner you did not anticipate. John D. Teter has represented hundreds of taxpayers and entities and knows how to respond to the IRS in a way that avoids or mitigates damage.
  • An attorney speaks the language of the IRS — John D. Teter knows the tax laws and can cite specific statutes and case law to support your case. IRS representatives and auditors recognize and respect his knowledge and professionalism.
  • Doesn't hiring a tax attorney wave a red flag? — No. It tells the IRS that you are serious about your tax matter and that you are bringing in a professional who can provide legal support for the position taken on your tax returns.
  • Beware of Offer-in-Compromise mills — These are agencies that handle high volumes of Offer-in-Compromise cases. The IRS recognizes them as such. John D. Teter can develop and pursue a customized negotiation strategy designed to obtain the best possible outcome for you — which may or may not be an offer. Each tax matter is unique, and there is no one size fits all solution.
  • An attorney can protect your rights — Some tax controversies present the risk for possible criminal charges. An attorney can protect your rights and provide representation appropriate for the situation.

John D. Teter can help you identify your risks and develop resolutions for your unique circumstances. Contact our offices today at 408-866-1810. We serve clients in San Jose, San Francisco, Fremont, Los Gatos, Santa Clara County, and the rest of the Bay Area.

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