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If the IRS takes an adverse tax position, you have the right to appeal. Whatever your situation though, you should not attempt to conduct the appeal yourself. You have already lost the initial argument, and merely repeating your original justification for treatment of the income item or deduction as you did will not convince an IRS Appeals officer. You need an attorney who knows the tax codes and tax cases inside out and is experienced in tax appeals.

Tenacious San Jose Tax Appeals Attorney

John D. Teter has practiced tax law for more than 30 years. During that time, he has successfully represented numerous clients in appeals before the IRS and California state tax authorities. Mr. Teter is knowledgeable about the tax codes and case law, is thorough in his approach and is determined to achieve results for his clients. Contact John D. Teter for a consultation today.

Act Quickly to Get Legal Representation

The best way to prevent an adverse tax assessment and the need for an appeal is to have effective representation during or before a tax audit. If you have received notice of an audit, attorney John D. Teter can represent you during the audit in an effort to answer questions to the satisfaction of the IRS and to avoid or minimize any resulting tax liability.

If you have already been audited and are unhappy with the results, there may still be remedies available to help. You should not delay getting legal representation.

At the conclusion of an IRS audit, you will receive notice of a 30-day period to request an appeals hearing. After that, you will receive a notice of deficiency, and you will have 90 days to file a United States Tax Court petition.

John D. Teter can address a "30-day letter," a "notice of deficiency" and can handle all aspects of your case, thoroughly analyzing the issues and working to formulate an effective overall strategy. This could include audit reconsideration or negotiation of a partial payment or full payment installment agreement or an Offer-in-Compromise for presentation at or before an IRS Appeals hearing. John D. Teter's admission to the United States Tax Court also allows him to represent you if your matter requires a Tax Court petition.

John D. Teter Law Offices will aggressively represent you at all stages of the audit and appeal process, seeking to protect your rights and avoid or minimize any adverse consequences you may face.

Get an Experienced California Tax Lawyer on Your Side

For a consultation with John D. Teter Law Offices about a tax appeal, contact our firm. We serve clients in San Jose, San Francisco, Fremont, Santa Clara County, and throughout the Bay Area.

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