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What to Do If I am Audited

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San Jose Tax Attorney Assisting Clients in the San Francisco Bay Area

As an experienced San Jose tax lawyer, John D. Teter knows that if you are being audited you may panic. However, because he has represented so many clients through IRS or other tax authority audits, he knows that these authorities often make mistakes or become overzealous in their attempts to determine tax liabilities. The IRS, California Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization, or Employment Development Department or county authority may all be eager to audit you especially when income for local, state and federal governments is down.

Attorney John D. Teter will provide a thorough independent analysis of your situation, explain your options and represent your best interests throughout the audit process.

Do I Need an Attorney if I am Being Audited?

Though you are not legally obligated to obtain a lawyer if you are being audited, having a tax lawyer on your side can significantly improve the chances of a positive outcome during the audit process.

  • Tax Law Attorney John D. Teter is not only familiar with tax law but he is also an experienced and skilled negotiator.
  • He has more than 30 years of experience representing clients through audits and he speaks the "language" of the auditors. This often puts the auditors at ease because it simplifies the audit task.
  • Going to court over a tax audit is a significant decision that must be carefully considered and discussed with a lawyer. You can save time, money and effort by having an attorney help settle the audit issues before a court appearance is necessary.

In addition to the experience, knowledge and skill necessary to represent you through an audit, John D. Teter is also highly experienced at working with CPAs to maximize the benefits to his clients. While CPAs can be extremely helpful in a tax audit, the accountant may be defending a return that he or she prepared. This forces them to defend their own work and the taxpayer may lose out on a "reasonable cause" defense. Furthermore, clients are protected by confidentiality agreements when they speak with an attorney. Such discussions with CPAs are not so protected.

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Consult with John D. Teter Law Offices when you receive the notice of audit so there will be as much time as possible to prepare. If you are unable to contact an attorney early on, John can often obtain an extension of time to allow for adequate preparation. For more assistance about what to do if you are audited, contact San Jose tax audit attorney John D. Teter at 408-866-1810.

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