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State and federal penalties may be abated (reduced) for different reasons and with different requirements. San Jose tax lawyer John D. Teter has 30 years of experience as a tax attorney and has answers to even your most complicated questions about interest and tax penalty abatement. Whether the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Board is pursuing payments from you for penalties, there may be ways to have these penalties reduced or even eliminated.

By calling 408-866-1810, you will get answers and advice from a highly-regarded and experienced tax attorney who has helped thousands of people find relief from the burden of tax penalties. There may be a variety of options for you depending on your situation.

How to Qualify for Interest and Penalty Abatement from the FTB or IRS

Some of the ways that the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) my grant interest abatement may be:

  • Delay in ministerial act
  • Significant disability
  • Catastrophic circumstances
  • FTB failure to send notice to changed address after the taxpayer has sent an address change to the FTB
  • Erroneous notice of proposed assessment (NPA)
  • Abuse of discretion
  • Delay in mailing

The IRS may grant interest and penalty abatement for the following reasons:

  • The taxpayer received erroneous guidance from the IRS or tax preparer
  • The taxpayer has a good filing/payment (compliance) history
  • Catastrophic circumstances
  • Significant disability

Interest is always considered to be applicable and to run on any unpaid tax liability, however, where the situation permits, interest can be removed. All abatement of penalties and/or interest is dependent on appropriate facts being present to support a claim for their removal.

Contact Our Tax Penalty and Abatement Lawyer

To qualify for an abatement, supporting documents, and facts must be provided. A skilled tax law attorney is absolutely crucial in these scenarios. Contact San Jose attorney John D. Teter at 408-866-1810. We serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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