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Estate Planning / Wills & Trusts Fear

 Posted on March 11, 2016 in Taxation Law

Do you have an estate plan? If you do, then great! However, if you have considered creating an estate plan, but haven't, have you thought about why you are not moving forward?

Many times, people do not "get around" to having an estate plan drafted or drag their feet when it is time to execute the documents because of fear.

Fear? Really?

Yes, it is often that people do not want to face their own mortality to the effect that, when it comes to deciding "who gets what", they freeze. They panic. They are paralyzed .

To many, signing Estate Planning/ Wills & Trusts documents is like signing their own death sentence. As though, by executing the documents, they will ensure that disaster will strike the moment they walk outside of the law firm. Although this is highly unlikely, the fact is that we will all pass on at some point in time and it is an act of kindness to prepare for your family's security by planning for their future now.

For many of those who are NOT fearful at the thought of creating an estate plan, they view it as a necessary and meaningful task to eliminate stress and needless worry at a time that is stressful enough. They view it as a way to provide comfort to their family during the transition that will ensue after their death.

We understand that you might find this topic uncomfortable or stressful. Let us help you find a way to bridge this fear. Feel free to contact us to ask questions and talk about the process of creating an estate plan.

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