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Updated IRS Smart Phone App Helps You Track Refunds

 Posted on February 02, 2014 in Taxation Law

Smartphone users, who have downloaded the Internal Revenue Service's tax help app, now have an update that promises to enhance user experience, and make it easier for taxpayers to monitor key features.

The Internal Revenue Service recently announced the update to its IRS2Go Mobile app, which comes just in time for the tax season. New features that are included with the new update include a feature that allows taxpayers to track the status of his or her tax refund. The feature is easy to use, and any smart phone user will find the status tracker very useful, because it allows him to follow the tax return through the entire process. That makes it very convenient, especially because you may need the funds, and it helps to have a tracker that allows you to know exactly when you can expect that refund in your bank account.

According to the Internal Revenue Service Commissioner, the new update to the IRS2Go mobile app gives taxpayers more features that allow them to get the information that they need quickly, conveniently and around the clock. The smart phone app was introduced during the 2011 tax season, and has been downloaded at least 3.5 million times. The app is available for download on the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as on Android devices.

To use the app to check your tax refund status, enter your Social Security number, and choose your filing status. Enter the amount of the refund that you anticipate. You can check the status 24 hours after you receive a receipt of a filed return. If you have made a paper return, you can expect a status update 4 weeks after mailing the return. According to the Internal Revenue Service, the information will be updated once every day, so you can check every 24 hours.

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