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Be on the Lookout for This New IRS Scam

 Posted on July 28, 2017 in IRS Scams

San Jose IRS scam attorney, IRS scam, taxpayers, IRS warning, fraudsterEvery year scammers posing as the IRS attempt to scare taxpayers into handing over money that they do not owe or money that will never go to reduce their tax obligations. Recently, the IRS warned the public of the newest twist on a common tax scam. It is important to understand how to identify a tax scam to help prevent yourself from being taken advantage.

Details of This IRS Scam

According to the IRS, a fraudster will contact a taxpayer, identify himself or herself as an IRS employee, and demand to be paid immediately. The scammer will only accept payment through a prepaid debit card, which the scammer claims is connected to the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (or EFTPS).

In reality, the prepaid cards are not connected to the official system. The scammer will be able to pocket the money paid.

In an effort to legitimize the request, the scammer will reference two certified letters allegedly mailed to the taxpayer but which were returned as undeliverable. If the scam victim refuses to comply with the payment request, the fraudster may threaten the victim with arrest. There are also reports that the scammer will tell the victim not to contact any tax professionals nor his or her local IRS office.

The IRS warns that this scam has been attempted on people across the country. In addition, the scam continues to be used during the summer, which is well after tax season.

Ways to Spot an IRS Scam

The IRS advises that taxpayers will never be initially contacted by the IRS through a random, threatening phone call. Also, the IRS does not accept prepaid debit cards, gift cards, or wire transfers as payment for a tax obligation.

Any payment of taxes should only be made out to the U.S. Treasury and never made out to third parties. Also, the IRS does not threaten to immediately have a taxpayer arrested by local police.

In addition, a taxpayer should have the opportunity to ask questions about the amount claimed to be owed and has the right to appeal that determination.

Contact a Santa Clara Tax Scam Lawyer

If you owe back taxes, a tax attorney can help you learn about your options and can advise you which options may be the most advantageous based on your specific situation.

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